A Vendor risk you can rely on.

Set the Vendor risk with confidence. Get Vendict’s recommendation. Be alerted upon major changes.
Don’t miss any Vendor, including even fourth-party Vendors. Use the power of automation to scan all your websites.
More reliable and less effort than any static system.

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Vendict's Vendor Risk

Set the Vendor risk with confidence.

Look at Vendict’s recommendation and the findings before setting your Vendor risk verdict .

  • Ability to set the Vendor criticality to focus first only on critical Vendors.
  • Get Vendict’s Vendor risk recommendation with a pictorial Vendor findings summary.
  • Get an alert when the recommendation changes.

An automated inventory of your Vendors.

Automatic detection of all the Vendors present on all your websites.

  • All the websites owned by your company are automatically scanned.
  • The third-party and fourth-party Vendor dependencies are documented.
  • All the resources (scripts, images) are scanned to detect malicious files.
  • Scheduled scans automatically monitor any change on all the websites.
Vendict's Website scan

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your Company outsources an activity to a Vendor, this Vendor is a third-party Vendor. According to the latest privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA), the Company (aka the data controller) is responsible how the third-party Vendor (aka the data processor) handles the personal data.

Fourth-party Vendors are “the Vendors of your Vendor”, i.e. the vendors whom your third-party Vendor outsources an activity to. If your third-party Vendor shares personal data with many fourth-party Vendors, then the data breach risk increases.

Absolutely! Our free trial lasts 7 days and is limited to 10 vendors. The trial does not require any credit card. It does not include access to the assessments.
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