Say goodbye to repetitive time-sucks

⦁ Fill out questionnaires fast and automatically
⦁ Reduce time wasted on non-security work
⦁ Stop being perceived as the “bottle-neck” of a sales process
⦁ Save your team the hassle of mundane repeated tasks

Searchable Knowledge Base Accessible by ALL

⦁ Provide more professional and comprehensive answers in a fraction of the time
⦁ Save time on evidence presentation
⦁ Help everyone get the answers they need, when they need without relying on anyone else
⦁ Have one single source of truth for your compliance stature. Save arguments!

AI at it's finest.

Leverage all your documents for any questionnaire or framework. Multi-lingual. Collaborative.

A Compliance Library for each product

Avoid confusion and mistakes and manage compliance specifically for each product

Multi-lingual support

Don't miss out on international sales (due to language barrier)

Same-day Support

Your sales are first on your company's priority list - and ours. Never be the deal's bottleneck.

Collaborate with subject matter experts

Sync easily on complex quetionnaire Reduce team interruptions and the time waste of seeking answers

Support any format

We support most formats (We're still young and learning so if we don't support your format then we're probably weeks away..)

Suggested standard answer

Vendict suggests appropriately benchmark responses so that you spend less time on phrasing the "perfect answer"

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