AIDOC Saved Time By Fast-Tracking Security Questionnaire Process

Aidoc is one of the leading providers of artificial intelligence solutions that enhance the diagnostic power of radiology.



Aidoc is one of the leading providers of artificial intelligence solutions that enhance the diagnostic power of radiology. All firms in the medical field make significant investments in building and demonstrating their security posture due to the volume and sensitivity of personal data being dealt with on a regular basis. For a company like Aidoc, this challenge is only amplified as their AI platform relies on heavy data set input.

Needless to say, filling out long and comprehensive security questionnaires is routine for Aidoc’s IT and sales teams. While the company was competent and well experienced in compliance documentation, executives realized they were devoting huge amounts of time and resources to what was essentially repetitive and menial work.

When their cyber department found Vendict, they knew pretty much right away that they had found the perfect solution: a platform that could streamline questionnaires with a user-friendly interface that could take the burden of compliance work off of the cyber team.


In early 2022, business was booming for Aidoc. After years of proving itself as a leader in medical artificial intelligence technology, hospitals all over the world were turning to them for their platform.

At the same time, however, data regulation and laws governing network security were increasing the compliance burden on vendors in the AI space.

Aidoc, at that point, was already a veteran of compliance documentation and their team was well versed in the processes of completing and submitting security questionnaires. The problem was that they were investing so much time and employee resources in what was essentially repetitive work. The worst part was that Aidoc’s security department was becoming more and more occupied with menial compliance work

“Answering the same security questions over and over was becoming part of my regular routine,” says Yuval, Chief Security Officer at Aidoc.


“My staff and I were being busied with security questionnaires when we really needed to be focused on perfecting our security posture.”


Aidoc had tried other solutions to try and streamline the questionnaire process, including some automation tools. But none of them were actually delivering on the promise of shortening the timeline and taking the load off of security personnel.


“We had a clear understanding of our main challenges and we knew what we needed,” says Yuval. ” The problem was that no one was providing a simple solution that could accurately and reliably cut out the tedious side of compliance.”


When Yuval and his team heard about Vendict, they were immediately intrigued. This is what they had been on the lookout for. After seeing Vendict in action on a live demo, they became eager Vendict clients.



After using the platform for just over a month, Aidoc considers Vendict as one of their most valuable compliance resources. 

“We love the product,” says Yuval. “We’ve been able to knock out some fifteen security questionnaires in about a month’s time. What used to take us weeks now takes days.”

But the most important advantage Vendict gave Aidoc isn’t even the large cut in time investment. Instead, it is the fact that the security team is no longer bogged down with menial compliance work. Vendict’s knowledge base-building capabilities and user-friendly interface mean that security questionnaires can be handled by pretty much anyone.

“It freed me up tremendously,” says Yuval. “Vendict’s ability to fast-track the entire questionnaire process is simply amazing.”

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