Hello. We’re Vendict

We’re a cutting-edge NLP firm. And we’re transforming the IT compliance landscape.

The Vision

Hi there. We’re Michael Keslassy and Udi Cohen, both decades-long veterans of corporate hi-tech.

We founded Vendict after the two of us came to the same realization:

our fundamental IT infrastructures have become almost unrecognizably compromised.

Lack of transparency, supply chain ambiguity, and ever-increasing compliance burdens have all contributed to a digital world fraught with unmanageably high risks and prohibitively expensive business costs.

We created Vendict to solve these systemic problems.


The Solution

Vendict excels in the latest frontier of AI research, a field known as Natural Language Processing, or NLP.

This booming field of data science is giving computers the capability to comprehend the complexities of human communication and, more broadly, to operate in all environments where context is essential for understanding.

More broadly, NLP allows computers to operate in all environments where context is essential for understanding. 

Since we launched the company, Vendict’s strategy has been to create and deploy enterprise-level NLP solutions that can fundamentally change the way all modern industries do business and create IT products.

With our state-of-the-art automation engine that slashes questionnaire completion time and hyper-accelerates sales cycles, Vendict has already proven the enormous potential of NLP for improving how business is done in the digital age.

How We Think

Get Rid of Repetitive Work in Business Processes

Today, we have the ability to nearly fully automate all forms of repetitive compliance tasks and drastically cut the time and cost of doing business.

Improve the Quality of Business Life for Employees and Managers

Good businesses are made of good people. The less those men and women are stuck in menial tasks, the better their work experience and the more their firms will thrive.

Let People Do What They Are Good At

Compliance today is a multi-disciplinary enterprise. The whole team, from legal to security, will be needed. But the more employees are occupied by compliance work, the less they’re contributing their true value.

The Founders

Udi Cohen


Udi Cohen is a 25-year veteran technologist, with expertise in software development and artificial intelligence, in addition to degrees in computer science, moral philosophy, and business administration. Throughout his career, Udi has worked at the forefront of data research and software development. Before founding Vendict, Udi worked as an engineering director at Broadcom, where he managed a team of 100 engineers creating high-end network devices.

Michael Keslassy


Michael Keslassy holds MSc degrees in computer science from both Ecole Polytechnique in France and Technion in Israel. Michael has spent decades in corporate R&D focusing on integrating AI models and advanced technologies into business processes. Before co-founding Vendict, Michael founded the Development Department at the security firm Deep Instinct and pioneered the introduction of deep learning technology into cyber security.

The Advisory Board

Mikael Yayon

Compliance Expert

Mikael Yayon is a compliance expert with deep knowledge of auditing and improving compliance and cyber strategy. He is currently the Head of Compliance at the London-based Ernst & Young Global (EY).

Andy Ellis

Chief Information Security Officer at Orca Security

Andy Ellis is the Chief Information Security Officer at Orca Security. His years of excellence in the domains of cyber and risk management earned him his induction to the CSO Hall of Fame in 2021.

Ron Peled

Founder of Protect Ops

Ron Peled is the founder of Protect Ops, a cutting-edge cyber company delivering information security to start-ups. Ron is a long-time strategic advisor on matters of information security and served for ten years as the CISO at the renowned AI firm LivePerson.

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