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Vendict's Vendor profile - Certifications

Compliance & Privacy insights.

An immediate picture of the Vendor status on compliance & privacy.

  • All the Vendor certifications: ISO, SOC, PCI and many more.
  • All the public Vendor Privacy document, e.g., policies or about GDPR.
  • Privacy fines, e.g. due to GDPR infringement.
  • All the related regulatory sanctions across the globe, e.g. from OFAC.

Security insights.

An immediate picture of the Vendor Security status.

  • The available secure authentication methods, e.g., with Okta or onelogin.
  • All the publicly disclosed data breaches caused by this Vendor.
  • After your website scan, any third-party malicious file from this Vendor.
Vendict's Data Breach page
Vendict's Assessment page

Assess further the Vendor risk.

Would you like to investigate further? Most standard assessments are present and ready to use.

  • An assessment editor to build custom assessments from scratch or template.
  • A large assessment catalog: NIST, CIS Controls, GDPR, CCPA and many more.
  • An access to published assessments, e.g., CSA CAIQ or Shared Assessment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All the published certifications from the Vendor are referenced, including:

  • Certification standards from ISO (ISO 27001, ISO 27017…), SOC or PCI-DSS​.
  • Certifications for geographical regulations. From:
    • The United States: HIPAA, SOX, FedRAMP, VPAT Section 508 and more.
    • Europe: C5, ENISA IAF, G-Cloud, ASIP HDS and more.
    • Other locations: POPI, PDPA, FISC, IRAP and more.
  • Other certifications, such as Privacy Shield, CSA CSTAR, CloudTrust or PrivacyTrust.

A large assessment catalog is available, including:

  • Standard assessment templates (NIST, ISO, VSAQ, CIS Controls​)​.
  • Regulation specific assessments (GDPR, CCPA).
  • And industry-specific, such as Finance (FFIEC, NYDFS), Health (HIPAA) or Higher Education.

The sanction check is based on a myriad of official government sources across the globe, including (but not limited to):

  • International: World Bank, United Nations.
  • The United States: OFAC, OCC, State Department, FBI, DEA, and more.
  • Europe: EU Sanctions, EBRD, French Ministry of Economy, Swiss SECO, UK HMT and more.

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