For Security Teams

Super-accelerate your security questionnaire process with the power of AI.



Compliance Streamlined

Compliance Streamlined

Slash questionnaire completion times by +90%.

AI-Powered Accuracy

Super-Charged Efficiency

Help your team invest time where it matters most.

Super-Charged Efficiency

AI-Powered Accuracy

Automated questionnaire answers that are both technically accurate and on point, like what 2023 should look like.

Vendict Business

Save the Team Time, Save the Business Money

Vendict eliminates repetitive compliance tasks, enabling security teams to reduce their questionnaire completion times by over 90 percent.

AI technology.

Cut Through Even the Most Complex Questionnaires

No matter the complexity of compliance documents or the amount of information demanded, Vendict seamlessly cuts through the process, delivering the most accurate answers with the precision of context-aware AI technology.

Ready to Get Your Time Back?

Give us only 20 minutes and we will show you how to get 20 hours back.

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