For Sales Teams

Super-accelerate your sales cycle and close more deals with the power of AI.


Compliance Streamlined

Cut security questionnaire completion time from weeks to hours.

Super-Charged Efficiency

Eliminate repetitive work from your sales cycle so they can focus on landing the deal.

AI-Powered Accuracy

You know your team are all pros. Make sure the client knows, too.

Make your team look like champions

Your clients want to know you’re on the ball. Communicate professionally with super accurate and quick responses to even the most complex compliance inquiries.

Never Miss a Sale

Don’t let high-priority security questions hinder your sales cycle. Seamlessly address compliance inquiries necessary to close a sale, with no need to rely on the IT, product, or cyber teams.

New Feature – How To Automatically Respond To Web Security Questionnaires

Getting more and more web security questionnaires? You asked—we listened! Hi, Udi here. Web-based questionnaires are becoming more common. But the problem is that they usually take much longer to complete. Now, you can have them answered completely within seconds with Vendict’s new Google Chrome extension: Vendict users now have the ability to streamline the […]


Chief Vendor Officer (CVO) - A Practical Playbook Part 2

The CVO playbook for a successful vendor adventure — Part 2 / 2 In the first part, we have seen how the CVO must focus first on the defensive line. Now let’s see how the CVO can create value, be accountable by metrics, and whom the CVO should report to. The Offensive line Focus on specific projects to […]


The Surprising Customer Truths Applied to Vendors

Or how fundamental Customer concepts can change our worldview about Vendors “The limits of my language means the limits of my world” — Wittgenstein I am fascinated by bilingualism. Sure, by learning two languages simultaneously, on average, a child starts speaking later. But he or she gets so much in return. Not only the ability to speak two […]