SimilarWeb Responded Faster & More Accurately To Security Questionnaires

Learn how Vendict successfully helped SimilarWeb complete security questionnaires faster and more accurately by leveraging their entire knowledge base.

SimilarWeb is one of the world’s largest providers of web analytics and data to support business growth, investment opportunities, and industry benchmarking.


One of the world’s largest providers of web analytics and data to support business growth, investment opportunities, and industry benchmarking, SimilarWeb’s sales and CISO teams see more end client onboarding questionnaires than they could count.

Knowing that the response time needed to manually complete each compliance questionnaire was a bottleneck in their company sales cycle, Director of Information Security Raz Karmi looked for a solution that would help streamline the job.

The solution? Vendict. Now using AI to help scan, source, and auto-populate most of the routine compliance data required by potential customers, SimilarWeb has freed up their much-needed team to focus their attention elsewhere. This case study reviews the process of recognizing where the problem lies and how Vendict is now supporting the SimilarWeb team.


It’s a spot between a rock and a hard place – the SimilarWeb Information Security team was receiving many high-urgency compliance questionnaires from their sales team who needed the information to close a potential sale. In order to respond to the best of their ability, Raz Karmi and his department would rely on a combination of data sources and require multiple people to be involved just to get the job done.

Knowing that many hours were being spent reviewing questions that often needed repetitive, but complex, responses, Raz recognized that this one task was time-consuming and could be done more efficiently. Trusting that there was a better way to get the job done, Raz looked for innovative solutions to leverage technology to help speed up their response time.


After considering several vendors on the market, SimilarWeb decided to go with Vendict. Why? In Raz’s words, competitive products required:

– Significant initial setup
– Additional manual entry to complete the same tasks
– Less end-to-end AI support

Now, well set up and relying on Vendict to support their day-to-day sales cycle, the CISO team at SimilarWeb knows that Vendict helps source contextually accurate responses that can be relied on. Further, the end-to-end AI capabilities mean that most routine and manual data entry work has been eliminated from this everyday task.

Now several months into using Vendict, Raz confirms:

“The setup process was very quick. We only needed a couple of quick sessions, which were mostly dedicated to showing us how to use the system, and then we were able to implement the program into our response processes right away.

My favorite part [has been] that the answers come through very quickly and easily–and it saves me about two-thirds of the time I was putting in before.”


With a faster response time, a streamlined sales cycle, and the in-depth, contextual responses required by most potential clients, SimilarWeb has found a way through their inefficiencies and redundancies by leveraging great tech.

“I would recommend Vendict to any new CISO starting a role and anyone suffering the pain of having to deal with multiple, routine security questionnaires.”

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