A compliance knowledge base.

Today your compliance information is spread over many sources, such as policies or audit reports.

With Vendict you can search easily within these sources.
And use them to retrieve a clear risk picture of your company.




A single source of information.

Get a searchable and up-to-date data source in compliance, security and privacy.

  • A searchable interface via a Googlesque search bar or Slack.
  • An editable knowledge base per product with the most updated answers.
  • A document management with all the data sources, including audit reports, policies and questionnaires.

A continuous risk picture of your company.

Get a continuous monitoring of the company risks given the latest knowledge base.

  • High level risk picture – per domain such as Business Continuity.
  • Detailed view per sub-domains such as Disaster Recovery.
  • Illustrated with references to your knowledge base .


Frequently Asked Questions

We support a large variety of document types that are a good source of information:

  • Audit reports, such as SOC 2. The audit reports include auditor’s findings which represent a trustworthy source of information for the customer.
  • Internal policies.
  • Completed questionnaires.

Absolutely! Please contact us.