Your Vendor vetting in minutes.

Vendors are risky. Working remotely requires new tools from new Vendors. Vet all your Vendors with a 360-degree picture on compliance, privacy and security. Use this Vendor vetting to obtain a documented compliance of GDPR & CCPA.
Manage the Vendor risk with confidence thanks to automatic website scans, background monitoring and alerts.

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Adding a new Vendor in Vendict

A 360-degree picture on your Vendors.

Expedite your Vendor vetting by getting instantly a clear picture on this Vendor.

  • A full picture on compliance & privacy for this Vendor. Certifications, privacy documents, fines, sanctions and much more.
  • Aggregated security insights on authentication and data breaches.
  • Access to a large assessment catalog to assess further the Vendor risk.

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Your Compliance at Hand.

Using your Vendor vetting reviews, get a documented compliance of GDPR & CCPA.

  • A centralized system for the compliance, legal, privacy and security functions.
  • A documented privacy program, with GDPR, CCPA and data flow mappings.
  • A Vendor documentation composed of Vendict’s inputs and of your review.

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Vendict's Dashboard
Vendict's List of Vendors

A Vendor risk you can rely on.

Set the Vendor risk with confidence leveraging a background monitoring.

  • An automated inventory of your Vendors with scans from all your websites.
  • A Vendor risk recommendation from a clear Vendor findings summary.
  • Alerts when the Vendor risk changes or when new Vendors are detected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the published certifications from the Vendor are referenced, including:

  • Certification standards from ISO (ISO 27001, ISO 27017…), SOC or PCI-DSS​.
  • Certifications for geographical regulations. From:
    • The United States: HIPAA, SOX, FedRAMP, VPAT Section 508 and more.
    • Europe: C5, ENISA IAF, G-Cloud, ASIP HDS and more.
    • Other locations: POPI, PDPA, FISC, IRAP and more.
  • Other certifications, such as Privacy Shield, CSA CSTAR, CloudTrust or PrivacyTrust.

A large assessment catalog is available, including:

  • Standard assessment templates (NIST, ISO, VSAQ, CIS Controls​)​.
  • Regulation specific assessments (GDPR, CCPA).
  • And industry-specific, such as Finance (FFIEC, NYDFS), Health (HIPAA) or Higher Education.

The sanction check is based on a myriad of official government sources across the globe, including:

  • International: World Bank, United Nations.
  • The United States: OFAC, OCC, State Department, FBI, DEA, and more.
  • Europe: EU Sanctions, EU EBRD, French Ministry of Economy, UK HMT and more.

Absolutely! Our free trial lasts 7 days and is limited to 10 vendors. The trial does not require any credit card. It does not include access to the assessments.
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