First-class GRC, without the paperwork.

GRC operations are documentation intensive. Our advanced AI platform performs the time-consuming work so you can focus on risk and compliance.
As you know all the answers to your questions are present in your documentation. Let our platform find them for you.

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Auto-completed Questionnaire.

Don’t answer questionnaires from scratch anymore, just confirm the answers found for you.

  • Retrieval of the best answers based on your documentation.
  • Multi-lingual – both if your documents or your questionnaires are not in English.
  • Boundless – as many questionnaires, documents or answers as you want.

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The compliance portal you need.

A single source of information to ensure relevancy and consistency.

  • A searchable knowledge base with the most updated answers.
  • Based on many sources: audit reports, policies or completed questionnaires.
  • Give its access to co-workers via Slack so they ask Vendict, not you.

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Vendict's List of Vendors

A 360-degree picture on your Vendors.

Expedite your Vendor vetting by getting instantly a clear picture on this Vendor.

  • A full picture on compliance & privacy for this Vendor. Certifications, privacy documents, fines, sanctions and much more.
  • Access to a large assessment catalog to assess further the Vendor risk.
  • A Vendor risk recommendation with a clear findings summary and drill-down to the relevant data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are laser-focused to develop the best AI NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine around security, privacy and compliance. The engine understands to which topic any text in these fields relates to. And it provides the magic feeling when using our platform.

The same engine is at the base to all our modules. E.g., to answer a question, the engines finds the knowledge base entries relating to the same topic.

Absolutely. You can add both source documents and questionnaires in different languages, including:

  • Source documents such as completed questionnaires in non-English language. Then upon a new English questionnaire for example, answers from the completed questionnaire will be also displayed. Informative words are  even highlighted.
  • New questionnaire to fill in a non-English language. Then all the knowledge base entries (including entries in English) are considered. Informative words in all the entries are  even highlighted.
  • Editing the entries manually and their translation is also available.

A large assessment catalog is available, including:

  • Standard assessment templates (NIST, ISO, VSAQ, CIS Controls​)​.
  • Regulation specific assessments (GDPR, CCPA).
  • And industry-specific, such as Finance (FFIEC, NYDFS), Health (HIPAA) or Higher Education.

Absolutely! Our free trial lasts 7 days and is limited to 10 vendors. The trial does not require any credit card. It does not include access to the assessments.
Log in the following link. Start vetting your vendors.