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Monthly (billed annually)
To provide quick quality questionnaires
Up to 5 questionnaires per month
Up to 5 users
Unlimited source documents
Unlimited knowledge base entries
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For companies who want a scalable risk management platform.
All the Growing Business features
Unlimited number of questionnaires
Multi-lingual support
Custom integrations
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Many items are unlimited in all the plans:

      • The number of users
      • The number of source documents
      • The number of knowledge base entries
      • The number of completed assessments

      A large assessment catalog is available, including:

      • Standard assessment templates (NIST, ISO, VSAQ, CIS Controls​)​.
      • Regulation specific assessments (GDPR, CCPA).
      • Industry-specific, such as Finance (FFIEC, NYDFS), Health (HIPAA) or Higher Education.

      All the plans are billed in USD annually.

      Sure! Feel free to fill the contact form (link). We will get back to you soon.