Intezer Saved Time By Standardizing Security Questionnaire Responses

Intezer detects early cyber security threats to help minimize the threat and damage inflicted by malware and malicious code.


With 6 months of using Vendict under their belt, Intzer Information Security Manager Aner Izraeli can see how much value the software has brought to his team.

“Before [Vendict], we had an Excel knowledge base and used Excel to track and store responses. Problem was– most of the [client] questionnaires were not in an Excel form.”

Now proving that AI is well worth its weight in improving inefficiencies, shortening the sales cycle, and its ability to integrate responses into any form type, Aner recounts the journey from recognizing his own workplace challenges and how Vendict was just the solution he needed.


When thinking about Intezer’s past way of doing things, Aner confirms:

“All questionnaires go to me.” A similar story we’ve heard from clients before, most ICT, Security Management, and ICT teams have limited personnel on hand to receive, scour, and manually enter routine questions and compliance standards for every potential sale. Thinking about this outdated methodology, Aner confirms that the old way of doing things used to take him hours to complete every client questionnaire.

“For me, the worst part was the lack of standardization. Every client is asking us different questions, a lot of irrelevant questions, and there is often a high variance in questionnaires that wastes a lot of [extra] time.”

Instead of trying to change an entire industry, Aner decided to change the way he would go about this everyday task. The solution? Vendict. 


Onboarding Vendict’s AI has definitely helped searching for information, Aner confirms. When you know the answer for a complex question exists, Vendict saves very meaningful time [by searching our databases for the response. “Thanks to the search capabilities and [the ability to] contextualize, questionnaires now
take dramatically less time to complete.”

How quickly did Aner see the value in leveraging tech and automating his questionnaire responses?

“Within the first few questionnaires we saw value. In one of our most recent questionnaires, we had 140 questions! The value of Vendict’s AI was definitely felt.”

When considering the need for more standardization within the industry and where existing inefficiencies can be solved with existing solutions, Aner agrees that there is already one ready at hand. 

“I think that everyone should try Vendict–anyone who deals with multiple questionnaires.”

While it may only be one step in the right direction, we think it’s a pretty big step–onwards to helping Aner, Intezer, and all Security Managers, CISOs, and ICT teams solve the lack of standardization in this space!

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