A knowledge base for any framework.

Today your compliance information is spread over many sources, such as policies or audit reports.

With Vendict you can search easily within these sources.
Leverage them to comply to any new framework or regulation.




A single source of information.

Get a searchable and up-to-date knowledge base with all the answers.

  • A searchable interface via a Googlesque search bar or Slack.
  • An editable knowledge base with the most updated answer, separable per product line.
  • Synchronized with all the data sources, including audit reports, policies and completed questionnaires.

Comply to any framework with no extra workload.

Get an immediate gap assessment on any framework or regulation by leveraging all your existing compliance documentation.

  • Retrieve immediately how you comply to any control, predefined or custom.
  • Large panoply of frameworks (e.g., SOC 2, ISO 27001), regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA) and even custom frameworks (e.g., for internal audit).
  • Intelligent management of evidence.


Frequently Asked Questions

We support a large variety of document types that are a good source of information:

  • Audit reports, such as SOC 2. The audit reports include auditor’s findings which represent a trustworthy source of information for the customer.
  • Internal policies.
  • Completed questionnaires.

Absolutely! Please contact us.