Don’t fill questionnaires, just confirm answers.

Today, filling security questionnaires from scratch is time consuming, done under pressure and with no value back… while the answers are present in other documents.

We propose another way. Vendict finds for you the best answers out of your documents – no need for integration. Your answers are now part of the company compliance knowledge base.




Get any new assessment auto-completed.

Cut the time spent on questionnaires with the most up-to-date answers

  • Get most relevant answers to your questions. Whether for lengthy questionnaires or for a simple question.
  • Once ready, export your completed questionnaire in the original file format.
  • Edit existing answers and upload new data sources. As many as you want.

A boundless platform.

A platform that works for you, not the inverse.

  • Answer as many questionnaires in parallel as you wish.
  • For each question, get an automatic assignment to the relevant team.
  • Give access to this knowledge base via Slack to all so they ask Vendict first.

A universal platform.

Accept questionnaires in any format, size or language

  • Multi-lingual support. For non-English questionnaires, use all your knowledge base, even if in English.
  • Conversely upload non-English documents to answer English questionnaires.
  • Multi-lingual interface support


Frequently Asked Questions

All the spreadsheet formats are supported, including:

  • Excel formats with file extensions: .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xlml
  • Comma separated values with extension .csv